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We are selling the whole range of cells, from very low to very high ampere-hour capacity. In principle, cells are sold as component parts of traction batteries. These cells are constructed of ironclad positive plates and pasted negative plates, separated with micro porous separators, located in polypropylene vessels, and closed with covers that are pressure welded to the casing. These cells are made with application of world-highest technology to secure their high capacity.



We offer a wide range of traction batteries for platform and lift trucks both of domestic and foreign production as well as untypical batteries according to customers’ requirements. We assemble batteries of German, Italian and Polish cells according to customers’ requirements. Batteries are offered in steel boxes, corrosion protected with plastic coats to keep them safe of aggressive impact of electrolyte and acid vapours. Cells connections are made in a way to guarantee their durability and reliability. Cells are protected against vibrations with elastic inserts.

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