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We are also selling tyre for forklift trucks. We possess pneumatic and super elastic tyres. In order to satisfy customers’ needs, we sell also cheaper tyres of good drive parameters as well as more expensive tyres of higher functional parameters. We have specialistic press of 120 tons pressure for tyres installation.

Pneumatic tyres we offer are tyres of wide tyre thread and additional side reinforcements to protect them against damage. Excellent drive characteristics, long usage period as well as maximal reliability constitute the trump cards of our tyres.

Super elastic tyres feature is especially high resistance to cuts both of the surface with tyre thread and sidewalls as well as abrasion resistance, thus securing tyre long life. A high advantage of super elastic tyres is elimination of truck standstills in result of punctures, which occur in the case of pneumatic tyres.

NOK version tyre does not require protective rings, which makes possible quick installation and removal of the tyre. A special tyre profile of hard rubber secures exact fitting to the wheel band.

We are also selling white - NON MARKING tyre. These tyres do not leave any traces on any base, which secures keeping floors in the state of cleanness. NON MARKING tyres are in particular recommended in food, dairy, electronic and paper industries.
For the companies that purchase tyre for resale, we provide attractive price discounts, advantageous payment terms as well as prompt orders processing.

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