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We are selling forklift trucks as well as warehouse trucks of leading world brands: Toyota, Nissan, Komatu, Mitsubishi, Hyster, Linde. We posses brand-new and second-hand trucks; we grant 2-years guarantee for brand-new trucks and 6-months guarantee for second-hand trucks. Products we sell are distinguished with simple design and thus low failure frequency. We offer electric, diesel, petrol and gas driven trucks.

Since, starting from 18 August 2003, forklift trucks come within the duty of obligatory Technical Supervision (Dz.U. [Official Law Gazette], No. 28 Item 240), the forklift trucks we are selling are furnished with documentation necessary for registration in UDT (Technical Supervision Office).

Existence of such regulation imposes on the users the duty to notify and register forklift trucks in relevant Technical Supervision Office as well as to observe Technical Supervision requirements pertaining to operation and maintenance according to the Act of Parliament

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